Public Transit to Yosemite





What is YARTS?


The Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) is a regularly scheduled, fixed route, public transit system that provides an alternative to driving in the Yosemite region.


CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession ServicesYARTS provides service into Yosemite National Park and gateway communities in buses that are air-conditioned and equipped for rider comfort. See the ABOUT YARTS page for more information.


What Areas Does YARTS Serve?


From Merced and Mariposa County -

YARTS provides service year round on the Highway 140 corridor between Merced and Yosemite, through Mariposa County, with connections to Greyhound, Amtrak, and Great Lakes Airline in Merced.
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From Mammoth Lakes and Mono County -

YARTS provides service from Mono County, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake and Lee Vining to Yosemite over Tioga Pass, on Highway 120 East, when the pass is open in the summer. (Typically, June - September).
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From Sonora and Tuolumne County-

YARTS provides service from Tuolumne County destinations during the summer, Sonora, Jamestown, Groveland and select other stop locations along Highway 120 North iinto Yosemite Valley. (Typically, May-September)
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Why Use YARTS?CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession Services


One of our favorite sayings is, "Watch the Scenery, Not the Road." That would be reason enough, but there is more!


Fares are distance based, with the most expensive at $25 for a round trip from Merced and Sonora to Yosemite or $36 from Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite.


Shorter trips cost less and you do not pay park entrance fees going into the park on YARTS. Children 12 or younger and seniors, 62 or older, qualify for reduced rates. With each adult ticket, one child, 12 and younger, rides free! Commuter passes available Check with driver for prices. Convenient schedules allow you to make connections to Amtrak, Greyhound, and Great Lakes Airline in Merced.


CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession ServicesBackpacks


Backpacks are allowed on the bus, even large ones, but they may be stowed in the luggage compartment.


Free Yosemite Shuttles


YARTS riders enjoy the same services in the Park as those who drive their own cars, including access to the free shuttles in Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows.


One-Way Rides


One-way rides are available on both routes at half the round-trip fare. They are very popular with hikers wishing to leave their cars in more developed areas and hike back to them, rather than making a loop-hike or ferry cars between locations.


Can I still drive to Yosemite?CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession Services


YES, You Could Drive, But Why? YARTS is intended to give visitors an affordable and convenient alternative to having to drive into the park.


When Does YARTS Run?


YARTS runs daily year-round on Highway 140, with multiple departure options for both weekdays and weekends. During the summer, YARTS also runs along Highway 120 East/395 to Lee Vining, June Lake Loop, Mammoth Lakes and between Sonora and Yosemite Valley on Highway 120 North through Groveland.



Where do I get tickets?


On Highway 140, tickets are available at some local lodging establishments and visitors bureaus. CLICK HERE for a list of ticket sellers or purchase your ticket directly from the driver. If you are CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession Servicesalready staying in the region, you may be able to buy a ticket at your hotel, so please inquire with the establishment at which you are staying. On Highway 120 East, you will get your tickets directly from the driver. View Fares for both service routes.


All drivers can now accept credit card payment for YARTS tickets on the buses.


How much are tickets?


Ticket prices vary depending on your destination and service route. Highway 140 - Merced, Cahtys Valley, Mariposa, Midpines, El Portal and Yosemite.

View fares for the Highway 140.



Highway 120 East - Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Lee Vining, Crane Flat, White Wolf, Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite Valley. View fares for the Highway 120 .


Highway 120 North - Sonora, Jamestown, Groveland, Big Oak Flat and Crane Flat. View fares for the Highway 120.


Do I need a reservation?


No, reservations are not required or taken to ride on YARTS.


Where do the buses stop?


YARTS has bus stops located conveniently at many lodging facilities and visitor centers in the various communities and all major destinations in Yosemite Valley.

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STOP ON DEMAND (SOD) - Stopping at unscheduled locations - VIEW POLICY


What type of buses does YARTS use?CLICK for larger image. Copyright - Photo Courtesy of Yosemite Concession Services


YARTS uses both full-sized over-the-road coaches. Having both available allows YARTS to respond to demand while being able to save on fuel costs and consumption.


Do you have wheel chair lift equipped buses?


Yes. Most YARTS buses are equipped with lifts. YARTS recommends that you call at least 48 hours ahead of your planned trip to insure that a lift-equipped bus is available to you.


Can I take my bike on the bus?


Yes, you can take your bike on the bus. However, in some cases, space is limited. Please check with your driver as to space availability.


Bike Rentals


While having your own bike might be ideal, it is worth mentioning that you can also rent bikes in Yosemite and avoid the hassle of having to transport your own. Learn more about renting bikes in Yosemite at: www.yosemitepark.com.